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Augustan Poetry network

The electronic Journal of Latin poetics Dictynna was created in 2004 in connection with the Augustan Poetry network.
It publishes papers on Latin literature and its reception after expertise by two or three reviewers.
10 issues were published; the 11th is in preparation
Dictynna has been classified A by the ANVUR in February 2014.

> Website of the journal Dictynna

Jacqueline Fabre-Serris (Lille 3) – Alain Deremetz (Lille 3)

Scientific committee
Alessandro Barchiesi (Arezzo/Stanford), Mario Citroni (Firenze), Joseph Farrell (Pensylvania), Monica Gale (Dublin), Judith Hallett (Maryland), Philip Hardie (Cambridge), Stephen Harrison (Oxford), Stephen Hinds (Washington), Jean-Christophe Jolivet (Lille 3), Alison Keith (Toronto), Mario Labate (Firenze), Damien Nelis (Genève), Michael Putnam (Brown), Gianpiero Rosati (Udine), Alessandro Schiesaro (Roma), Jürgen Paul Schwindt (Heidelberg).

Editorial Committee
Editor-in-chief: Jacqueline Fabre-Serris (Lille 3)
Assistant editor: Florence Klein (Lille 3)
Editorial secretary: Olivier Rafidison (CNRS - Lille 3)